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Heart Energy vs. War Energy - the End of Competition in Business

So far business is nothing but modern warfare. There are winners and losers. With the ongoing change in human consciousness this may change forever - soon!

Today , it's still all about winning

In today’s business world it’s all about winning. Winning by fighting the battle of competition better than anyone else and increasing your own company’s profits and marketshare. Business is warfare and all practices and even the words used have a military origin. E.g. the term ‘strategy’ is derived indirectly from the Greek word ‘strategos’, which refers to the general in a military setting. But are companies with a war energy really still more successful today?

Companies, who believe in fierce competition and fighting battles, also share a collective mindset of scarcity and struggle. In these companies, it is a common believe that you need to grab customers and market share from the other players in order to grow your business and survive.

Unfortunately, running a business in a war-like fashion does not lead to long lasting success anymore.

Why business warfare will be outdated

First, any company with a battle attitude on the outside also has a battle going on on the inside. For most employees in these companies daily work is war. People try to outperform each other and keep fighting for positions and careers. This does not only lead to stress and burnouts of employees but also to a lower overall performance due to a lack of collaboration.

The second reason is even more significant in today’s world: Companies with a ‘fight tough, win all’ attitude are no longer popular anymore. The new way of winning consumers’ hearts is by acting from your heart as an entire company. A company’s direction and decisions are not purely guided based on facts and figures and logic but by feeling and intuition. And companies acting from their heart are driven by the idea of making a meaningful impact to their costumers and the world. They have a purpose for existence far beyond financial growth. Sharing and giving back are at the core of the business. And that’s reflected in all their actions and ways of doing business. And that’s why companies who run on Heart Energy instead of War Energy are the winners in the long run.

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