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Human AI Symbiosis - The cross-functional Team in the Future

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

AI is on the rise and has already significant impact on the entire business world. But how will AI change the work of agile teams in the future?

Effective teams are cross-functional.

Only when you have the right set of people from Business and IT then a team can develop and bring a new product to market autonomously and fast. With the rise of AI and its the manyfold ways how it can improve human work performance or even entirely replace jobs completely it’s fair to ask about the impact of AI on today’s work of cross-functional teams.

First of all, the type of AI which is available is so called Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI). It’s far away from human intelligence and hence would not be able to replace a team member or entire team. However, ANI is very good at doing one specific thing very fast and accurately. That’s why AI is e.g. used in Call Centers as an assistant to the human agent to help him or her to quickly retrieve information about the customer from the database and even recommend the next best actions based on past experience and the caller’s specific profile.

With the right different types of ANIs on a team the capabilities and performance of a cross-functional team could be significantly enhanced. Imagine your team would need quick insights into customer preferences and behaviours in order to develop the next product version. With AI, internal customer feedback databases could be quickly researched alongside a market and user trend-analysis. Depending on the AI solution you might get the answer right away. AI is not only good for research but also for all sorts of other types of work. E.g. you could use AI to help to do parts of the programming or develop the overall design of a new product. AI could also help your team to become more effective by outsourcing all sorts of admin activitiesI. E.g. an ANI could take over generating project reports, coordinating meetings, do the budget planning, etc. Also, AI can be used for creative purposes like designing a logo for the new product and many more.

In the future, effective teams are cross-functional beyond humans

AI - or different types of ANI - will be an integral part of any cross-functional team. Different team member will interact with the AI to get answers to their questions to make better decisions or completely outsource certain jobs to the AI entirely.

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