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Hi, I’m Nils.

I am the Founder of Change Orange. I help companies and people to live up to their full potential and get the change done.


Problem Solving Passion

'Out of the Box' Thinker

Change Enthusiast

Creative Workshopper


Before I went all into on my own consulting venture Change Orange in 2018, I worked in innovation management, digital transformation, change management, marketing, IT and finance. I know why organisations get stuck and learned how to help them to move faster to keep up with market trends and customer expectations. I led a guerrilla team for business transformation and was responsible for various digital transformation and cultural change initiatives. I experienced successes and some f’ck-ups ;)


In the last few years, I have worked with various companies across different industries from Fortune 500 to large family businesses on their business transformation challenges. I launched and completed scaled agile transformations, initiated culture and digital transformation programs and held lots of workshops and trainings to get the creativity and agility juices flowing.


Over the years I have built my expertise in all kinds of innovation and agile methods and frameworks: Design Thinking, Design Sprint, Lean Startup, Business Model Design, agile Scrum and SAFe® and more. I enjoy combining them and building my own ideas into them. Whatever is required to get the job done and help companies and people on their transformation journey.

I am an experienced and certified SAFe® Program Consultant (SPC) with proven capabilities in innovation and change management. 

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