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You don’t have to wait for a Transformation Guru. Get started yourself.

Even though there is no blueprint for business transformation the following 3 steps are always necessary to ensure your company gets started on the right foot when embarking on the agility and/or innovation journey. 

1. Create a sense of urgency and get management buy-in

No pain, no gain. Only if key stakeholders in your company become fully aware of how changes in the world may impact your business in the future then there will be enough momentum for a change initiative.


To make market threats and opportunities more visible you could use a Context Map Canvas.

The Context Map Canvas is an effective and easy to use tool to create a sense of urgency and get management buy-in. The Context Map Canvas is great for working on together as a team. It helps to collect different perspectives and work out one common view regarding type and priority of market threats and opportunities. 

Of course there are many more things you can do to create awareness and a sense of urgency: Work with megatrend maps and customer insights, run disruption and business model review workshops, etc.

Context Map.001.jpeg

2. Find out where you are today

Review your current situation as a company and assess your future business readiness. Evaluate if your organisation is adaptive and innovative enough to cope with the previously identified market risks and opportunities. You could use our Transformation Maturity Matrix as the basis for your discussion. 


Also, map out how existing and planned initiatives contribute to overcoming risks and help to achieve your company’s strategic goals. Create transparency on where which expertise is located within your business.

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3. Build a coalition for change and define the ‘Big Picture’

Identify who you need to onboard on your agile transformation and/or innovation journey. Find out about their individual pains and needs. Do some personal on-boarding sessions and run a culture vision workshop to develop a common picture of the future organisation using a Culture Canvas. Identify the major milestones (bold steps) and break them down further into an agile change roadmap and plan.


Once the first 3 big steps are done it’s time to work on the details of the future organisation and initiatives to build up agile and innovation capabilities. 

Culture Canvas.001.jpeg

We help you along the entire way. Check out our agile and innovation transformation services here

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