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Agile Consulting
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Design Thinking 

Design Sprint 

Design Sprint Facilitator 

Lean Startup

"Agility and Innovation go hand in hand. Don’t just train one-side. Build both: Your agile and innovation muscles."


Overview Trainings
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Agile Transformation

We design a customised Scaled Agile Framework for your business. We lead through the entire transformation program across all levels from strategy to operations.

Certifications & Trainings

We provide SAFe® certification and customised hands-on agile trainings. We also teach you how to become more innovative and customer centric. We empower you to build, change and run your business better.

Innovation Management

We help you to think 'out-of-the-box' and come up with totally new business ideas. We build Innovation Management and a Lean Startup culture into your organizational structures and processes. 


We help management, teams and individuals to make lean agile leadership and creative problem solving part of your DNA. We coach alongside the business transformation journey and make the change stick.


SAFE® Certifications

Become an effective practitioner of SAFe® and master your agile role:


  • Leading SAFe® (2 days): Get a holistic overview of the SAFe® framework. Understand what business agility is all about, learn about roles and rituals in SAFe® and how to start the agile transformation for your company.

  • SAFe® Scrum Master (2 days): Get familiar with the Scrum Master as a ‘servant leader" and Coach on team level in an agile organisation.

  • SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master (2 days): Deepen your knowledge on agile principles, values, methods and tools for your daily Scrum work and improve your coaching and facilitation skills.

  • SAFe® Product Owner / Product Manager (2 days): Basic training for everyone with a business  ownership role on team or across-team (Agile Release Train) level.

  • SAFe® Agile Product Manager (2 days): Advanced training for Product Owner (PO) and Product Manager (PM) for customer/user-centric product development.

  • SAFe® Release Train Engineer (3 days): Basic and expert training for the Chief Scrum Master on servant leadership on an across-team (Agile Release Train) level.

  • SAFe® Lean Portfolio Management (2 days): Learn about how lean agile principles can be applied on strategy level and how to connect strategic planning and execution the agile way.

  • SAFe® for Teams (2 days): Get prepared as a team to start working the agile way and prepare for your first Program Increment Planning Event (PIPE).

Agility Booster

Duration: 2 days

Experience level: Beginner

Description: This course is great for you if you are new to agile methods. A few things you will learn about in this highly interactive training: Agile mindset and agile methods and why both matter in a faster changing and more unpredictable business world, difference between agile Scrum and Kanban and when and how to use them, how to use Design Thinking together with agile delivery methods.

SAFe® Agile Fast Track

Duration: 4 days

Experience level: Advanced

Description: In this very interactive training, you will get a sound understanding on agility and different scaling framework and their pros & cons, understand how the world’s most popular framework SAFe® works, get first hands-on experience working SAFe® on a real case, learn about how to get started with a SAFe® transformation in your company and find out which SAFe® job role is right for you and how you can prepare for it.

Design Thinking

Duration: 2 days

Experience level: Basic

Description: This training is for everyone, who needs to understand and improve how your customers feel about your company’s products and services. You will get to know the 5 phases of the Design Thinking process and apply them on a case.

Design Sprint

Duration: 2 days

Experience level: Basic

Description: In a Design Sprint a big business challenge is holistically understood and a solution is developed and tested with real customers: In only 5 days. In our training, you will learn the method step-by-step, solve a real problem using Design Sprint and gain hands-on experience with prototyping and interviewing techniques. Afterwards, you will have a very good understanding on how Design Sprint works and will be able to effectively join a Design Sprint team.

Design Sprint Facilitator

Duration: 2 days

Experience level: Advanced

Description: In the advanced level Design Sprint training, you will gain hands-on experience in facilitating and learn how to use Design Sprint together with other innovation and agile frameworks. We will also teach you how to cope with group dynamics in a Design Sprint team and give you full access to our own templates and resources to start driving innovation and change with Design Sprints in your company straight after the training.

Lean Startup

Duration: 2 days

Experience level: Advanced

Description: In this training you will learn how to integrate startup practices in your corporate portfolio management and agile delivery framework and how to work with hypotheses and Minimum Viable Products (MVPs). You will be familiar with the ‘build-measure-learn’ Lean Startup cycle and get the right ideas done faster.

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Trainings are not always enough. In individual or team coaching we help you to make the newly acquired skills part of your DNA. 

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