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Make your Business Agile and Innovative

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"There is no blueprint for business transformation. Every company is different."

Firstly, companies are at different points of their agility and innovation journeys. Some are just starting off while others have already invested time and resources in implementing a framework, tools and gathered practical experience. They may have already figured out what's working well and what is not for their company.

Secondly, companies have different goals and needs. Some find themselves in a very competitive and volatile business environment with the need to build a highly adaptive organisation. Others operate in a more stable and predictable market. There's no Greenfield approach for business transformation because  companies' challenges and goals differ.  Blueprints don't work.

That's why we will always first understand your company's "agility and innovation" start position as well as your business goals. Then, we design and implement a custom-fit agility and innovation framework - together with you.

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Agile Transformation

We design a customised Scaled Agile Framework for your business. We lead through the entire transformation program across all levels from strategy to operations.

Certifications & Trainings

We provide SAFe® certification and customised hands-on agile trainings. We also teach you how to become more innovative and customer centric. We empower you to build, change and run your business better.

Innovation Management

We help you to think 'out-of-the-box' and come up with totally new business ideas. We build Innovation Management and a Lean Startup culture into your organizational structures and processes. 


We help management, teams and individuals to make lean agile leadership and creative problem solving part of your DNA. We coach alongside the business transformation journey and make the change stick.

Innovation + Agility

Doing the right things + Doing things the right way

Custom Agility Kickstarter Workshops

"Doing things the right way"

Value Stream Alignment
Interim Staffing
Key Agile Roles
Custom SAFe Transfor-mation Programs
Innovation Management Framework Development
Agility & Innovation DNA Check
Agile Coaching
Customised Agility Trainings and Workshops
SAFe Certification Trainings

"Doing the right things"

Custom SAFe Transfor-mation Programs
Innovation Management Framework Development
Design Sprints
Innovation Method Trainings
Business Model Innovation
Company Specific Innovation Kickstarter Workshops 
Agility & Innovation DNA Check
Innovation Creativity Coaching

There's No Need To Always 'Fail Fast'

We can help you spot pitfalls and risks ahead

Often, change initiatives do not land the desired success the first time. Agile transformation programs get stuck with teams working on agile islands. Innovation booster programs may lead to a lot of ideas but not to the expected business outcome. The main problem about not getting change right at the beginning is the momentum for change is short lived. It takes a lot more effort to re-motivate people and get their buy-in again when re-launching a change initiative the second time.

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